25 for 25: A Birthday Bucket List

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If your twenties are anything like mine, they’re a time of crazy uncertainty. But rather than becoming bogged down by all the unanswered questions, I challenged myself to accept them.

Somehow I grew slightly wiser during my twenty-fourth year. I became surprisingly comfortable with the question marks. I even started to embrace them. There’s a coolness that comes along with learning how to navigate what you don’t know. And it’s fun knowing that the gray area, that dwells just at the edge of your reach, is where you’ll grow.

This year – TWENTY- FIVE – I’m pledging to take myself over the edge. (I know I’m so old! I’m already buying a million pairs of loafers and craving early dinners). I want each year I live to be better than the previous. I want to indulge in self-growth and adventure. Hashtag YOLO.

  1. Leave the country. Go somewhere I’ve never been before.
  2. Do something good once a month.
  3. Join a local writers group. There’s something about a collaborative space that just makes my heart warm.
  4. Host a picnic for friends at my favorite suburban hot spot.
  5. Curate a killer collection of vinyls. Because music can be spiritual too.
  6. Explore a new city in the good ole U. S. of A.
  7. Pay my grandparents a long overdue visit. Because your history is an important part of your story.
  8. Catch my local Civil War days. #historynerd.
  9. Talk to my mom like an adult. Because moms are (usually) right.
  10. Play tourist for a day and see Chicago’s famous sites.
  11. Get smart(er) about my finances.
  12. Journal every week. Because it keeps my mind sharp, my emotions level, and my perspective in check.
  13. Learn something new. Aquire a new skill. Take a class.
  14. Disconnect and shut down (phone, computer, tv, etc.) once a month.
  15. Cook something edible that’s more than mac and cheese, but less than a five-course meal.
  16. Maze ‘Til Midnight at the World’s Largest Corn Maze.
  17. Kayak the Chicago River or Lake Michigan.
  18. See a psychic (AGAIN).
  19. Ghost Tour! Ghost Tour! Ghost Tour!
  20. Read (at least) one book a month. Because knowledge is power.
  21. Cut out unnatural sugar for a month – just to try.
  22. Take a group trip. Meld all of my friends together for a weekend. Maybe a cabin?
  23. Solve a mystery.
  24. Finish STRANGER THINGS – why can’t I get into it??
  25. So many fall activities.

Keep an eye out for future posts detailing these adventures. If you’re up for the challenge, check some things off my list with me or create your own list. And don’t forget to share your experiences.




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