7 Questions to Ground Yourself

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I’m a big fan of another blogger, Audrey Roloff, of Aujpoj. I love that her blog often has actual written content with opinions and truth. One of her posts that resonated me was about The Navigator’s Council. Essentially, it’s seven questions that you and your spouse answer weekly to gain better perspective and understanding.

Now, I’m definitely not married and I’m actually not as religious as where the seven questions may lead, but I loved the basic idea of checking in with yourself on a deeper level. I find it so important for me to take a moment – take a breath – and really reflect on what’s been going on in my life. I, very easily, get swept up in the chaos of life and hopes of the future that I can miss the here and now.

AND one of my goals this year was to write once a week and what better way to make sure I’m sticking to that promise than to keep it real with myself. So here are the questions that I ask myself (almost) every Sunday:

  1. What good stuff happened this week?
  2. On the flip side, what was a struggle?
  3. Is there anything I feel like I could be doing better?
  4. What dreams, ideas, or projects have been in the forefront of my mind this week?
  5. What inspired me this week?
  6. Were there any big events this week?*
  7. What mantra or quote resonated with me this week?


*Full disclosure: Sometimes I think in 200 years someone will find my journal and think – “Whoa, this girl is super informative. She really kept up with the Kimye/TSwift feud so well. Let’s publish this and put it in our libraries for all to read as the best historical account of the times.”



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