Kauai: A Love Story

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 If you have a travel bucket list, make sure Kauai is at the top. Be forewarned, I’m not sure any trip after will live up to the magic that exists on this Hawaiian island.

The island is famous for its stunning landscapes, wildlife, and Jurassic Park (my favorite). AlthougIMG_4547h it’s known to many as THE honeymoon destination, I went with two of my best gal pals and couldn’t have had a better time.

We stayed in a condo at the Outrigger Kiahuna Plantation  and it was a perfect fit. Thanks to our condo’s kitchen, we were able to save some money by making most of our own meals (AND as a bonus, we were able to enjoy them while listening to the ocean from our balcony).

If you’re looking for sea turtles,  seals, and Nemo, the Outrigger Kiahuna Plantation is in a great location. It’s on the south side of the island, just down the street from Poipu Beach. Fun DSCN0177Fact: Poipu was once named America’s Best Beach by The Travel Channel!

For the most part, we spent very little time at our hotel. Kauai had so much to offer and we wanted to experience it all.

To help you navigate your future travel plans, I’ve included our favorite sites and activities:


Roadside Food//

Hawaii gets a bad repuIMG_4657.jpgtation for being too expensive. In my opinion, anyone who says that ate at the wrong places. When we weren’t cooking at our condo, we were hitting up small roadside stands and restaurants which were way underpriced for their deliciousness. My absolute favorite discovery w ere the roadside Malasadas (similar to donuts). A woman has a Malasada stand that moves around the Island and it was life changing – tracking her down will be worth your while. If you find her, please tell her I love her.

Honorable Mention: Puka Dog. Thank you for being   vegetarian-friendly and tasty as *uck.

Another Honorable Mention: All of the shaved ice we  consumed…every day. You couldn’t have been better to us and I will treasure you forever.



Waimea Canyon//

Located on the east side of the island is Waimea Canyon. Come here for great hikes, amazing views, and a healthy fear of heights.



Na Pali Coast//

My friends and I loved the coast so much that we saw it TWICE and bought matching Na Pali Coast shirts #twinning. We took the coast by air and sea. The helicopter tour was as cool as they say, but make sure to take Dramamine before – it can be a bumpy ride.


My favorite view though, was from the sea. We used Makana Charters Tours for a snorkel and sightsee combo. Lunch was included and I can promise you that you will never taste better pineapple in your lifetime. PLUS, we saw dolphins, sea turtles, and a whale BREACH!

IMG_5002      IMG_4935

Queen’s Bath//

Queen’s Bath is M U S T. There’s a steep hike and some very narrow paths, but once you realize you’re still alive, you won’t regret it. This tide pool has breathtaking views and is deceivingly deep. It is exactly what Pinterest dreams are made of.

DSCN0347.jpg IMG_4618.jpg



Oceanfront Luau//

The island’s best place for drinking, dancing, and feeling like you just won a Teen’s Choice Award.






Kayak the Wailua River//

Do it! Just do it! Yes, your arms will probably be sore the next day and you may trip down a muddy embankment like I did, BUT most trips are BYOB…something we didn’t know until after. What could be better than sipping on champagne in HAWAII, admiring the shorelines in HAWAII, and exploring a hidden waterfall in HAWAII?

Sadly, I have no pictures – our camera died right before we launched our kayak. But memories last a  lifetime, right?

I will dream of Kauai forever and miss it always. Don’t hesitate to book a trip here if you can and don’t forget to take me with you!


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