La Fortuna took the cake for our most active spot. Our days were tightly packed with adventures and we enjoyed them to the fullest. We spent four nights in La Fortuna, but I think we could’ve stayed for an entire week and been occupied.


Hashtag the BOMB. The Tree Houses Hotel helped us book this idyllic day. We woke up early on our first full day (running on only 3ish hours of sleep) and booked it straight to the tree tops. We spent the early morning gliding through the trees. I’m not great with heights – not terrified, not in love with them – but I had the time of my life. It happened to be raining when we went (we were told this was unusual as it usually rains in the afternoon) so our zip lines were cruising.

Monteverde is usually known as the zip line spot of Costa Rica, but La Fortuna did us good. It was only the three of us and our two guides. Basically we were VIP princesas and we loved it. The guides were extremely knowledgeable not only about our safety, but also about the animals and native cultures.


After ziplining we took a short break for pre-lunch ice cream – why not! – and then recouped for white water rafting with WAVE.

I had never been white water rafting before and it was a TREAT. It was the perfect mix of adventure and relaxation. Again we had the best guides! They knew their stuff and they helped point out all of the animals hiding way up in the trees and along the river.

We even stopped twice (once on the way to the river & once mid rafting) for fresh fruit. Eating fruit back at home just doesn’t compare to eating mango on the river banks surrounded by goats.

At the end of the trip everyone’s rewarded with a cold beer before you make your way to a local farm/restaurant for a traditional Costa Rican meal. We didn’t even know this was part of the day but we enjoyed having a cultural education tacked on.

Five out of five stars for this trip.



Have you ever worked your legs so hard that they shook? Start preparing for a massive leg shake now. By the time we climbed down the 500 steps to the base of the waterfall I couldn’t control my legs enough to get my shoes off smoothly. 500 steps down and 500 steps back up. You will break a major sweat.

Don’t worry though the waterfall is worth it. It’s amazing how the view changes from where you start to when you’re right under it.

You may want water shoes for this one. The water floor was not smooth. One of my pals had Tevas (hiking/waterproof combo) that I envied. Not a necessity, but probably helpful.



We hiked the 1992 lava flow trail at Arenal Volcano National Park. The hike was pretty easy – the trail was flat until you reached the lava flow – but there was some climbing over rocks once you reached the hardened lava.

We were particularly happy we chose this path because it looked over Lake Arenal. We really wanted to hike the lake trail but it was closed when we were there (sad emoji) so the view was the cherry on top.



A lot of our extracurricular activities involved some kind of physical activity so when we decided to also throw in the Ecotermales Hot Springs I was beyond excited. There’s nothing I like better than just sitting around.

The hot springs were another unintentional VIP experience. When we arrived we were amongst only a handful of guests in the whole compound. Although they were natural hot springs from the nearby volcano, they looked much more like a luxury spa. And I was into it.

The hot springs really are hot. You can’t stay in forever because it drains a good chunk of your energy, but we did take a dip in each one.

The fun didn’t end there, though. Lunch was also included and it was another great meal. My stomach was very happy in La Fortuna. We also saw many an iguana here. Check that off my list of tropical animals to find. AND there was a bar. We were pretty content.



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