We were in La Fortuna for four nights and we split the time between two gorgeous hotels. They were by far our favorites of the trip.


Living above the trees for a few nights is a must. The hotel is situated a short drive outside of La Fortuna and in its own slice of nature heaven. They even offer free night hikes! Definitely take advantage. We saw sloths (mom and babe – cuteness), snakes, poisonous frogs and toads, amongst many others.

I can’t say enough good things about our experience here. The staff was incredibly accommodating. Our flight was delayed due to an active volcano so we arrived very late into the night – very very late – but they had someone ready when we got there to show us around the grounds and to our tree houses. AND every morning the staff drops off coffee and treats for the birds right at your door.

I also have to say the breakfast at the Tree Houses Hotel was the BEST thing I ate the entire trip. Everything is homemade and delicious. I’m still dreaming of the fried plantain cups filled with black beans and the pineapple bread! It does not disappoint.

Never fear! Even though staying in a tree house sounds like it may lack modern accommodations, it has all of them to boot. Check yes to air conditioning. Ours didn’t have a TV though so we had to talk to each other and enjoy our surroundings (heck yes!).

You won’t ever experience a shower like you will here. It’s half indoor and half outdoor. Meaning, it’s in a private bathroom, but half of the wall is a screen where you can look out into the canopy!

Shout out to the hotel owners – Mark and Lucy – for their great directions from the airport to the hotel. The landmarks guided us right to the front door without trouble.




The views. Oh, the views. The hotel is right in the city of La Fortuna and neatly nestled at the base of the volcano. The views from anywhere on the grounds are unforgettable. I’ve never been so awestruck at 6am than when I was sipping on coffee watching the fog come and go across the tip top of the volcano.

The accommodations at Lomas del Volcán were modern, crisp, and clean. More than comfortable to be sure. Each bungalow has a screened in porch where you can take in all the beauty.

AND there’s a pool! We spent a solid afternoon sunning and sipping tropical drinks. It was the perfect way to relax and unwind.

Breakfast was included but I’m sad to say we didn’t have a chance to eat dinner here. Since the hotel was so close to the city center we spent a lot of time frolicking around and exploring the local restaurants.



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