In the past, I harbored such a great disdain for poetry. I think it’s because I was always forced into it via high school and college courses. As a Creative Writing minor I HAD to take poetry classes to fulfill my degree requirements, even though fiction seemed to be my bread and butter. It wasn’t something I ever did for pleasure, nor did I think I was really great working in this medium.

BUT super recently, poetry has become a warm blanket I like to snuggle up with on Sunday mornings. I finally appreciate poetry for it’s ability to capture raw emotion in a structured and concise way. It’s actually quite brilliant. In my opinion, the ability to elicit an emotional response from an audience is pretty rare. And you deserve a round of applause if you can make that happen.

With each poem I read, I become more motivated to master this form. So this Sunday’s challenge is to write a poem. Follow poetry rules or don’t. I warm for the free-form myself.

And if you need some inspiration check out these folks on Instagram. OR check out a lovely profile on Mirtha Michelle Castro Mármol via THE EVERYGIRL.



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  1. travelingamericablog

    Really like this poem, Karlie. I think many of of have had relationship that we look back and say “Why?” Also, seems that I, too have up and downs in my feelings about poetry. Yet, I do agree that poetry can be a special part of our lives…Like ” a warm blanket”.

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