The message is simple: the world needs more LOVE. And what an accurate message that is!

Life is hard – that’s a universal thing. Everyone has felt the pangs of inadequacy or the seemingly endless pull of grief, but THE WORLD NEEDS MORE LOVE LETTERS is making sure that those who are struggling are not going through it alone.

The operation works two ways. You can:

  1. Write a letter. Check out the letter requests and help someone feel loved. We all know how paramount support can be when you’re feeling like life is really kicking you when you’re down. You have the power to change someone’s day and collectively we have the power to change someone’s life. Let’s do it!

It’s easy. Get emotional. Or don’t. Use a quote. Get crafty. Send good vibes. Or    just    (figuratively) be there. Your effort is worth a thousand words.

  1. Nominate someone. Know someone who could use some encouragement? Submit their story! Hundreds of people are waiting to shower them with warm and fuzzy love.

This month, I will be writing a letter to each nominated person(s). Do it with me!

Don’t forget to share your letters – pics or it didn’t happen – so I can praise how crafty you are!


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