Gratitude. An essential step to finding harmony in your life.

One of my favorite life mantras: what if you woke up today with only the things you thanked God for yesterday. It’s such a simple idea – as the best #lifegoals usually are – but for me, it’s a cornerstone in achieving a balanced life. Let’s even take God out of it. What if you woke today with only the things you cherished yesterday? What would be left? What would you take with you?

image-1Gratitude ties into so many other things that I work toward achieving  – HUMILITY. PERSPECTIVE. SERVICE. PRESENCE. Taking note and itemizing t
he things – material or conceptual – forces you to take a beat. It makes you stop and look around and relish in the life that you’re creating. And maybe we don’t do that enough. It’s easy to get caught up in the material messthat’s been cultivated for ages, but what’s truly important?

So this Sunday, let’s take some time and figure out what’s important to us. What are you grateful for? Start a list. It can be three things or it can be a hundred things. It could be that you’re thankful for your legs because they give you the ability to walk your dog. Or it could be your education because you know millions of girls around the world don’t get as far as you. Big or small, take note. You have a reason to be grateful. You’ve just got to find it.


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