Has anyone else been reading Big Magic by Elizabeth Gilbert? If you aren’t, you should be. I cannot praise it enough.

The book centers around creative living, and boy, has it resonated with me. I even realized that I had a Big Magic moment not that long ago without even realizing or appreciating the gravity of the moment.

Big Magic is when creativity strikes you like lightning. It’s when inspiration slaps you upside the head and yells in your ear until you put the pen to paper. And when you finally start realizing what the message is, it flows through you like a supernatural force. Like it has always been the truth. It doesn’t happen often, but when it does, it truly feels like magic.

I had the idea for a story in college. I even wrote it as a short story, but it never felt quite ready. The idea was probably the most intriguing one I had during my college courses and it kind of lingered and hung around until one day, almost three years later, that I realized what the story was.

I realized it was a novel, not meant for the constraints of twenty pages. I realized the details were different but the emotional stakes were the same. And then like blood running through my veins – it became a part of me.

It tapped me on the shoulder all day at work – demanding an audience. I repeated it in my head over and over. The voice became so loud that I had no other choice but to write them down and they became the starting point of my novel. And I’m sharing them with you.



Has anyone else had this kind of experience? If you have, I’d love to hear about it and connect. Comment below.



    1. Mother, May I?

      Haha I was so out of the loop too! I just discovered it. Only after I saw everyone on Instagram freaking out. I highly reccomend!

      And I am envious that you can create in the mornings. I’ve been nudging myself toward that schedule, but my mind is resisting. Which leads to a lot of coffee and late nights. Any morning tricks?


  1. theclutterboxblog

    Oh gosh this book is taken me forever to read because she says something and then I have to mull it over for days before I can keep reading. I have never had a story or something like that but I do have blog posts that come and I can’t sleep until it’s written and edited and pictures captured for it. Sometimes it’s frustrating and other times it’s an amazing process!

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  2. cvnxena

    I’ve not heard of it before but now I am definitely interested! I have had a couple of big magic moments but they weren’t as tadaaa, as yours, just simple things like seeing someone be nice on the street or my son doing something cute or funny and then ping, in comes an idea and out flows a blog post ! :p

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  3. Carolyn

    I love when things come into my mind and I know exactly what to write. It is so much more fun than sitting at the computer with writers block. I am always afraid though that I am going to forget it, because usually I have the first paragraph in my mind and when I get to a computer an hour later I have forgotten it.

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  4. flamingospineapples

    I have not heard of this book until now. I have definitely had moments though where I think about people and then I do hear from them, or wonder if we are both thinking of each other.

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  5. littlemisslistmaker11

    I need some of that big magic! 🙂 When it does strike though, it surges through me and its like I can’t write fast enough to keep up with my brain! Man, I love that feeling

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