DSC_0086.jpgI’m Karlie, a twenty-something from the suburbs of Chicago. I recently moved back in with my favorite roommates – my parents – so I could indulge my wanderlust and start this site.

I created Mother, May I? in hopes of filling a void I felt existed in the social space. We see a lot of visually compelling photos, but where’s the written content? Where’s the meaningful dialogue that pushes us forward? The world’s a big place with a lot of unique perspectives and I wanted to bring us a tiny step closer to understanding each other on a more human level.

And who better to help execute my vision of an authentic and open space than my friends, my mom, and myself? We’re not experts – far from it – but we’re growing and learning about ourselves and each other with each conversation. And maybe you’ll grow along with us.

It’d be a dream if I could inspire you to talk with your friends or your mom (insert other role models here) or even question yourself. Knowledge is power.

Thanks for visiting! I hope you stick around!


Here lies everything I know about life (lol, jk). I don’t think I know nearly enough, but I’m trying. It’s pretty easy to get caught up in the day to day of life and, before you know it, you’re passing milestones without even realizing. So, I started to keep a library of all the things that I’ve checked off my list and the tools that helped me stay focused and intentional along the way.   


Why are we all afraid of becoming our mothers? Personally, this has never been a fear of mine. I wouldn’t mind turning into Debbie. I used to think it was the norm to have a mom who encompasses all #momgoals. But as I got older, I realized it’s really a rarity. Not everyone’s mom went to every school event. Not everyone’s mom encouraged them to pursue their fantastical dream of becoming a writer. And not everyone’s mom is still around. Put simply, not everyone has a relationship like we do.

After I graduated college, we started to talk more as adults and I’ve come to learn that she has a lot of life experience that I could learn from. I’m sure everyone’s parents do. But for some reason talking to your parents about life before you comes with an air of awkwardness.

So as part of my Bucket List this year, I’m going to ask my mom all the questions I’ve always wondered about.


My friends are not basic. They ‘re all much more than appearances and killer Instagrams. They’re women with chart-topping humor and whit. They’re gals whose compassion knows no end and whose intellect could dominate any board room.

I would bet that most of us have friends like this. But how many of us are reaching deep and talking about life’s perfect imperfections? I’ve got a curious mind and an imagination that won’t rest – so I decided to start asking my friends questions. Questions that maybe we normally wouldn’t broach or that we just hadn’t thought to ask.

But I wanted to know. I wanted to know what my friends thought about pretty much everything – even if our opinions diverge along the way.

I encourage you to do the same. Take your friend out for tacos. Or just eat cheese on the couch. But either way, get to know them. Keep it fresh. Maybe they’ll surprise you.


For most people, myself included, travel was a luxury. It wasn’t until very recently that I was even able to afford to travel. But now that I’ve had a taste, I’m addicted. It’s become more of a necessity than frill expense.

I hope to show that you can travel on a reasonable budget AND that the experiences are worth the sacrifices you may have to make before you get to the beach (or city, or wilderness, etc.).

PS – Don’t forget to take friends or family with you. Experiences are best when shared.



    1. Mother, May I?

      Hi Kathleen, we flew into San Jose. We actually ended up getting a refund on our flight from Ft. Lauderdale – San Jose and used that money to fly from Miami to Panama and then to San Jose. For some reason it just seemed like the flights from the US were being canceled. But we eventually made it. Hope that helps!


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